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本文摘要:If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777s inner workings.调查人员越发


If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777s inner workings.调查人员越发猜测马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)失联370航班上的多个通讯系统是被人为毁坏的,如果感叹这样,则故意毁坏的人必须对波音(Boeing Co.) 777客机的内部情况享有详尽的科学知识。The first loss of the jets transponder, which communicates the jets position, speed and call sign to air traffic control radar, would require disabling a circuit breaker above and behind an overhead panel. Pilots rarely, if ever, need to access the circuit breakers, which are reserved for maintenance personnel.首先被重开的应答器可向空中交通掌控雷达发送到飞机方位、速度和调用信号,重开它必须截断顶部仪表板上方和后面的一个断路器。飞行员很少必须动用断路器,这些断路器是为修理人员打算的。

Pulling one specific circuit breaker, which is labeled, would render inoperative both of the 777s transponders, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and bolstered by comments from according to aviation industry officials and those who have worked with the 777.根据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)见过的文件、航空业官员,以及曾服务过波音777的人员获取的信息,拔除某一个断路器(断路器上有标签)将造成飞机上两个应答器暂停工作。Becoming familiar with the 777s systems requires extensive training for pilots and aircraft mechanics alike, experts said. However, considerable technical data on the airplane is also available online in discussion groups or other websites.专家称之为,要熟知波音777系统,必须拒绝接受大量有关飞行员和机械师的培训。不过这种机型的相当多技术数据也可以在辩论小组或其他网站上取得。

Investigators are trying to establish a sequence of events that transpired on the jet, which vanished from radar March 8, most critically the loss of communication.对于这架在3月8日消失在雷达屏幕上的飞机,调查人员正试图对机上再次发生的事件理出有一个顺序。The shutdown of the on board reporting system shortly after the jet was last seen on radar, can be performed in a series of keystrokes on either of the cockpits two flight management computers in the cockpit. The computers are used to set the performance of the engines on takeoff, plan the route, as well as other functions to guide the 777.在飞机最后一次经常出现在雷达屏幕后旋即机上接收者系统重开,这一操作者可以通过在驾驶舱内两台飞行中管理电脑中的给定一台上敲打一系列键就可已完成。这些电脑用作设置发动机在起飞时的性能、规划飞行中路线以及指导777飞机的其他功能。After vanishing, the jets satellite communications system continued to ping orbiting satellites for at least five hours. The pings ceased at a point over the Indian Ocean, while the aircraft was at a normal cruise altitude, say two people familiar with the jets last known position. Investigators are trying to understand that loss, and whether or not something catastrophic happened or someone switched off the satellite communication system, says one of the people.在失联后,飞机的卫星通讯系统在最少五个小时内之后向卫星收到相连催促。

两名知情人士回应,卫星相连催促在印度洋上方某处中断,当时飞机处在长时间的巡弋高度。其中一人称,调查人员正试图理解中断原因,否再次发生了一些灾难性事情,或者是有人重开了卫星通讯系统。A physical disconnection of the satellite communications system would require extremely detailed knowledge of the aircraft, its internal structure and its systems. The satellite data system is spread across the aircraft and disabling it would require physical access to key components. Disconnecting the satellite data system from the jets central computer, known as AIMS, would disable its transmission. The central computer can be reached from inside the jet while it is flying, but its whereabouts would have to be known by someone deeply familiar with the 777.物理切断卫星通讯系统必须十分详尽地理解飞机、其内部结构和系统。卫星数据系统遍及机身,要重开这一系统必须需要实际认识到关键部件。


Getting into the area housing the 777s computers would not take a lot of knowledge, said an aviation professional who has worked with the 777. However, this person added, to know what to do there to disable systems would require considerable understanding of the jets inner workings. Some airlines outfit the access hatch to the area below the floor with a special screw to prevent unauthorized intrusion, the person added.据一位曾服务过777机型的航空专家称之为,转入777飞机摆放电脑的区域不必须许多科学知识。但是这位专家回应,告诉如何关闭系统必须非常理解该飞机内部工作原理。

这位专家还说道,有些航空公司不会为转入这一地板下区域的舱门加装一个尤其的螺丝,防止予以容许的转入。Orbiting satellites are designed to check in with the aircrafts satellite-communication system hourly if no data is received during that time. The pings from the aircraft became a subject of scrutiny earlier this week, said a person familiar with the matter, several days after the plane first went missing.轨道卫星如果没接管到数据的话,每小时都会检查一次飞机的卫星通讯系统。


一位知情人士称之为,在马航客机失联数天之后,该架航班的数据相连催促在本周早些时候沦为调查目标。Because the pings between the satellite and the aircraft registered that the aircrafts satellite communications system was healthy and able to transmit, the data did not immediately raise any red flags in the hours after the jets disappearance.由于卫星与这架客机之间不存在数据相连催促,表明飞机的卫星通讯系统情况长时间且需要展开信号传输,所以在飞机失联之后的几个小时里,涉及数据并没马上引发警觉。At first, the origin of the final ping from the Malaysia Airlines jet seemed like an anomaly to investigators, according to a person familiar with the matter, given that the plane was believed to have crashed off the coast of Vietnam, hundreds if not thousands of miles from the location of the final ping.据一位知情人士称之为,最初阶段,考虑到这架马航客机被指出早已在越南海域失事,距离最后收到数据相连催促的方位有数百甚至上千英里之近,客机最后收到数据相连催促的地点在调查人员显然或许有些出现异常。

Until just a few years ago, the satellite communication system used by jetliners didnt include data on an aircrafts location in the pings, the electronic equivalent of handshakes used to establish initial contact.直到数年之前,客机用于的卫星通讯系统并不包括有关飞机收到数字相连催促的方位信息。For instance, before Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, the jet sent some diagnostic data indicating problems with various onboard systems, including the autopilots deactivation. But notably the planes position wasnt transmitted with that data.比如,在2009年法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班在大西洋失事之前,该机发送到的临床数据指出,飞机上多个系统出有了问题,其中还包括应答器重开。但值得注意的是,该飞机的方位信息未获得传输。

Partly as a result it took nearly two years to locate the planes black boxes and the majority of the wreckage. In the case of the missing Malaysian jetliner, precise locations were provided. However, it is unclear why the transmission ceased and where the plane may have ended up after the final ping.其中一个后果就是,找寻这架飞机的黑匣子和主体残骸用了将近两年的时间。而在马航失联成飞机事件中有准确的方位信息。但目前还不确切为何这种信号传输不会中断,以及在最后一次数字相连催促收到之后飞机有可能最后去了哪里。