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本文摘要:Babies think in logs. In logarithmic scales, that is. This means that newborns are able to notice when an image of eight ducks on a screen switches to an image of 16 ducks. We notice they notice because when the switch happens to the large


Babies think in logs. In logarithmic scales, that is. This means that newborns are able to notice when an image of eight ducks on a screen switches to an image of 16 ducks. We notice they notice because when the switch happens to the larger flock, there’s an observable spike in activity in the parietal lobe of a baby’s brain.婴儿的思维模式是对数式的,也就是以对数尺度思维。这意味著,当屏幕上一张8只鸭子的图像替换成16只鸭子的图像时,新生儿能找到。我们找到他们能找到,是因为当画面换到较多动物的图片时,婴儿大脑顶叶活动经常出现了明显激化。

This isn’t just about babies noticing that something has changed — a switch on the screen between eight ducks and eight trucks lights up a different region of the brain. That babies can clock a large percentage increase in quantity, such as 100 per cent in the case of the ducks, but not a small one (say, between eight and nine ducks) is what defines their innate sense of numbers as logarithmic rather than linear. In contrast, integers, and the linear scale we place them on, is something that we have to learn by rote when our parents teach us how to count. It’s a cultural construct.这不仅意味著婴儿能注意到事物的变化,屏幕上由8只鸭子到8辆卡车的切换,照亮了大脑有所不同区域。婴儿能找到数量的大比例减少(在鸭子的例子中增量为100%),但找到没法数量的小比例减少(比如由8只鸭子转换成9只鸭子),解释他们对数字的先天理解是对数式、而不是线性的。相比之下,整数,以及我们强加整数的线性标尺,都是当我们的父母教教我们如何数数时,我们靠死记硬背才教给的。这归属于文化建构。

All of which makes me wonder, how would babies use a laptop? I recently bought a MacBook for the first time and trying to work with its default settings makes me feel positively infantile. There is a genuine possibility that a three-month-old would be better at handling its trackpad, with its “natural scrolling”, than I am.这一切让我不已奇怪,婴儿不会怎样用于笔记本电脑呢?我最近购买了生平第一台MacBook,在尝试用于它的配置文件模式时,我实在自己十足像个婴儿。三个月大的婴儿操作者起它的“大自然滑动”式触控板,真为有可能比我强。

Unlike the operation of a track wheel on a mouse, reading an article from top to bottom on the Mactraption requires an upwards movement on the trackpad instead of a downwards one. Is Apple right when it says that this method, which mimics how navigation works on touchscreen devices, is “natural”? And if so, does that mean that at some point on the path to adulthood I lost my innate understanding of how to scroll?从上到下读书一篇文章,必须向下降动鼠标上的滚轮,用于MacBook操作方法却有所不同,必须在触控板上向下滑动。苹果(Apple)说明说道,这种方法仿效了在触控屏上导航系统的操作者原理,称之为它是“大自然”的,这么说道对吗?如果对的话,这否意味著在茁壮之路的某个时刻,我失去了对如何滑动的先天理解?When natural scroll was introduced to Mac computers in 2011 some people were happy, others were a bit “meh” and some were properly cross. If I had a Mac at the time I probably would have been in that last group but it couldn’t have been as bad as when Microsoft removed the start menu in its Windows 8 operating system in 2012. That blunder deserves a spot next to “New Coke”.当Mac电脑于2011年引进大自然滑动操作法时,有些人深感很高兴,有些人有点无所谓,还有些人几乎赞成。如果当时我也有台Mac,我多半归属于最后一组人,但以差劲程度来论,它比不上2012年微软公司(Microsoft)在Windows 8操作系统中移除开始菜单。这一错误在排行榜上的方位次于“新的饼干”。

As it turns out, a paper published in 2013 by Jing Chen and Robert W Proctor lends support to Apple’s choice. The researchers’ experiments measured the performance of test subjects when they used natural scrolling and also when they used the more traditional computer scrolling method. In almost all cases, subjects performed set tasks faster with natural scrolling. Matching one’s finger movement with the direction the content travels on the screen does appear to be better.结果,2013年Jing Chen和罗伯特W普罗克兹(Robert W Proctor)公开发表的一篇论文反对了苹果的自由选择。两位研究人员通过实验,测试了实验对象分别在用于大自然滑动法以及较传统的计算机滑动操作法时的展现出。


So that’s the science I ignored by switching off natural scrolling on my MacBook. As was the case with Windows 8, I needed some apps to correct the situation. It’s a testament to the modern world that whenever a big software company makes user experience decisions that some cabal of people (hello!) don’t like, there is an app developer standing by to make it all better. All hail app developers! (In case you are wondering: an app called Start8 adds back the Windows start menu and ModernMix forces Windows 8 apps to run in windows with a close button and stuff.)所以,当我开动MacBook上的大自然滑动功能时,是忽视了上述科学原理。而在Windows 8的例子里,我必须一些应用于(app)来展开缺失。这证明,在现代世界,每当一个大型软件公司做出牵涉到用户体验的新要求,而遭一小撮人(比如我)的赞成时,就有一个应用程序开发者打算让一切显得更佳。

应用程序开发人员万岁!(如果你奇怪的话:Start8应用程序能加回Windows开始菜单,ModernMix能让Windows 8应用程序以窗口形式运营,并有一个关闭按钮,诸如此类。)Funnily enough, the app that rode to the rescue in the Mac situation was created by the developer Nick Moore, who wanted to be able to use natural scrolling in older operating systems. Bless him, he also made it possible to use natural scrolling on the trackpad while simultaneously allowing an old fogey to scroll on a mouse. Just what I needed!非常有意思的是,在Mac的例子中,赶到救援的应用于正是开发者尼克摩尔(Nick Moore)研发的,他期望能在旧式操作系统上用于大自然滑动。

好在了他,人们可以在触控板上用于大自然滑动的同时,还容许一个老顽固用于滚轮鼠标。这才是我必须的!Scrolling isn’t the only thing where our preferences for visual frames of reference differ. In first-person computer games, one moves the mouse to the right to look right and left to look left but what to do with the mouse if you need to look up? Moving it away from you is the norm, but some prefer to “invert the Y-axis” — pulling the mouse towards them to look up. Where a game doesn’t allow inversion, there is typically, of course, an app to fix that.滑动不是区别我们视觉参照系偏爱的唯一事物。在第一人称电脑游戏中,玩家将鼠标向右移动,视角之后改向右方,鼠标向左移动,视角之后改向左方,但假如你必须直视,该怎么操作者鼠标?将鼠标向外移动是长时间现象,但有些人讨厌“翻转Y轴”—— 将鼠标向内移动以提供直视视角。

如果一个游戏不容许翻转Y轴(常有再次发生),大自然不会有个应用于来解决问题这个问题。Concerning our preference for numbers, a more recent study seems to show that even as adults, we may retain some instinct for the logarithmic number sense we had as babies. Even if that’s true, there is no escaping the linear world once you inhabit it. For once, there is no app for that. But thank goodness for the apps that fix everything else, whether our preferences are natural or not.就我们对数字的偏爱而言,最近的一项研究或许证明,即使我们早已成年,有可能仍保有着一些婴儿时期享有的对数意识本能。即使这是知道,一旦你转入线性世界,就很久去找将近出口。